Hi, I'm Sabrena.  I design and print everything for Dear Lola in our studio in Redondo Beach, CA. I grew up crafting birthday, anniversary and special occasion cards for friends, family and everyone in between. So sharing my paper goods with complete strangers in cities across the US and countries across the globe is an absolute dream come true for me. 

Dear Lola is a modern letterpress design studio that believes the art of letterpress shouldn't be reserved only for those with expendable income. It should be passed across the masses. Cross people's desks on any given Wednesday. And make people smile when they experience the cottony goodness of the paper with a pretty impression of ink.

We hand print everything from wedding invitations to social stationery on a 1927 C&P that we like to call Big Red. And of course we only use the finest tree free 100% cotton papers. Letterpress printing is a truly unique process. Each print is it's own unique work of art. After mixing up a fresh batch of ink, paper is handfed sheet by sheet through a vintage printing press. My obsession with this technique began after my first client, myself, when I designed the invitations for my own wedding.  Shortly after, I enrolled at OTIS college of art and design in Southern California and immersed myself into the letterpress printing industry to learn all that I possibly could. In 2010, I met Big Red who had been salvaged from a school in Las Vegas. We've been in love ever since.